Bulgarian SuperFoods Ltd is a new company, established to serve the needs of the international food market. Our main priority is to produce high quality natural foods with no additives. All the products we deliver are naturally grown or gathered in the wild.


Our company is dedicated to producing healthy foods. Nowadays the food market is flooded with foods, that are produced as a result of the work of the best chemists. People consume cocktails of chemicals instead of the products they think they consume. Looking at the food labels, there are substitute substances, additives, artificial flavours and many others, hidden behind simple codes, that no one understands. We want to change that direction and give the people an alternative for a healthier living, starting with the food.

To keep our products natural and with no additives
To deliver high quality healthy foods and products
To keep our customers and partners satisfied
To deliver excellent customer service and experience
Choose the right food supplier
give people an alternative for a healthier living
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